Currently there are no retreats within and/or for the Entertainment Industry.

There is no shortage of target market from the arts, production and music communities. The program should emphasize establishing personal relationships and face‐to-face contact with potential users of the retreat. Key target groups include, arts and music groups and, wellness groups, especially those targeting those over 50 years old. We would be welcoming all senior workers from the Creative Industries who are no longer physically able to do manual labour and are in or at risk of poverty and homelessness.

The potential for partnerships could bring in new energy to the residents and volunteers, there is a strong likelihood that a number of groups would welcome the opportunity to partner with Roadies Retreat Inc, especially if they are invited to join the organization and the Board

Providing community gardens not only teaches people a skill that can be applied to, but it also provides food for their community, gives residents and visiting families access to fresh produce and vegetables through permaculture for food sustainability. This could be sold as a product. Poultry for selling organic eggs and or hens, native bees for honey collection and onselling.

Camping sites for weekend warriors and families who would like to visit and support the facility. Walking trails, and meditation or quiet areas both interior or outside. Cosmetic upgrades can be a low cost and high impact.

Provide opportunities for the community to be directly involved in the construction, layout and formation of their new home, giving them self-worth, purpose, direction and recognition of their value to their own success.

Workshops in music to assist in development and mentoring music events, music lessons and music memorabilia as a tourist attraction. A music festival has potential key informants believe that there is a place for a setting like Roadies Retreat Inc.

Training in music appreciation and distance learning possibility

Roadies Retreat Inc would be a first to market for the arts and entertainment industries.