John Law

John has been involved in the industry as local crew for 6 and half years and has fallen in love with the industry and the wide range of experiences that it brings in this time he has helped set up the largest of international acts to the smallest of community theatre events assisting in helping set up the Audio, Video, Lighting Pyro, Carps, Automation and sometimes roles as a Team leader and occasionally crew chief from stage barrier to backline, from forklift driver to wardrobe has even been lucky enough to travel with some acts to light up the shows on spots. Each new day in this industry is always a learning experience that he enjoys but it’s truly meeting and getting to know the people of this industry that he considers family that is the most important to him and the main reason why he felt it was important to become involved with such a great charity as Roadies Retreat Inc. As the communication manager he truly believes this is something the industry should have and will do everything he can to try and support it and the wonderful people of this industry.